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So the other day while I was in the "Hot Seat" at the Dem Club meeting I was asked why someone should vote for me instead of my opponent. After I answered the question, the lady did not seem satisfied because I did not say anything about my opponent. I explained that I made a promise to myself to...

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This morning, while I was having coffee, I paused to reflect on my campaign journey...I was encouraged by the time I have spent chatting with so many that are hoping for change in our states legislature! Like so many, I see that our beautiful state needs to be more balanced in order to move forw...

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We Need Your Help . . .

Every successful campaign is only successful because of the many people who step forward to offer support.

If you are interested in supporting by volunteering to work with us on our campaign please send us an email at with all your contact inform...

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This is Me . . .

When I was first asked to run for the Idaho House of Representatives I had to pause to pray if this is what God was calling me to do. After much prayer and reflection it was put on my heart that “yes” I should “Go For It!”

Many people ask “What is your platform?” Honestly, my platform is reflective of my personal life. I have a selfless dedication to God, family and every person I meet. The only person who is not my friend is the person I have not met yet! I am passionate about service! Having been a member of the International Association of Lions Clubs for over 27 years as well as working in full time ministry, I have had thousands of opportunities to serve those who are less fortunate, those in desperate need of assistance due to visual or hearing disabilities, areas where environmental improvements needed to be made, and simple opportunities to smile, chat and hug the broken and lonely.

Idaho is a beautiful place to live. It offers many opportunities for individuals and families for both work and play! However, when you look closer, there are many areas that need to be improved. It is not OK that our national educational ranking is on the bottom. It is not OK that we have such an enormous amount of working poor people and families. It is not OK that there is such imbalance in our legislature. It is not OK that our law enforcement is struggling to recruit quality officers and have proper equipment because of lack of funding.

Now is the time that we need to come together in order grow and protect the beauty that is Idaho . . . rich in land . . . rich in opportunities . . . rich in people!

Blessings . . . 
Maria Andrews

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